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Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics:

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Students of the Master (Laurea Magistrale) in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will acquire the ability to design and implement AI and robotic systems and their specific components. This also includes interdisciplinary skills to manage complex projects and and their impact in the society. Typical activities are in the following categories:

  • design and realization of advanced software systems based on knowledge-based and multi-agent technologies;
  • design and realization of robotic systems for service and industrial applications, specifically for safety and security, space, home, elderly people, medicine;
  • design and realization of computer animation systems for the movie and videogame industries;
  • design and realization of video systems for surveillance and monitoring of environment, production and services;
  • design and coordination of research and development teams in advanced technology companies;
  • planning, supervision, design and implementation, possibly in interdisciplinary teams, of innovative applications in information technology or related areas such as automation, telecommunications, or resource management;
  • technological transfer of research results and technological advancements to public and private organizations;
  • human resources training for information technology.

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