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Percorso Formativo




After the enrollment, all the students must submit their study plan, through “Percorsi formativi/GOMP/INFOSTUD”. The study plan can be submitted usually from mid November until March of the same academic year. The next time window is from November 1st to January 15th, 2017. A meeting with first year students might be called by the secretary office in order to provide with further information on how to fill in the study plan.


Next time window will be from March 1st to March 22nd.


For the students in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, the study plan must be filled in in the following items:

1) The choice of the exams related to the section CARATTERIZZANTI E SPECIALISTICI (according to the course list, = Manifesto)

2) The choice of the exams related to the section AFFINI ED OPZIONALI (according to the course list, = Manifesto)

3) The choice between Elective in AI and Elective in Robotics

4) The choice of the “free choice” courses.


During the second year, it is possible to modify the study plan during the same time window in which first year students are requested to filli it in. The study plan can be approved only once per academic year. Therefore, once the study plan has been submitted and approved, it cannot be changed before the next academic year and the student is supposed to complete the exams as indicated in the approved study plan. Furthermore, if changes are made in the following years, students must refer to the Course List (=Manifesto degli Studi) of the academic year of their enrollment.


Before filling in the study plan, students are invited to contact the Referent Professor (see below) during his office hour in case:

- You want to choose as a "free choice" a course which is not related to our master courses (Engineering in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Control Engineering).

- You already took an exam during your bachelor which is anyway mandatory in the current master course.


NOTE: According to the University rules, students can only take the exams listed in the study plan they fill in when they first enroll in the Master’s course. This means that a first year student can only take the exams which are selected for his/her first year, while he/she cannot take any exam planned for the second year. Please note that the “free choices” exams (12 credits chosen by the students) belong to the second year, thus a student enrolled in the first year cannot take any of them (and therefore will not be able to register in Infostud). Under the new regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education and the University, students CAN NOT take exams (i.e., INFOSTUD will not allow students to reserve a seat for some exams) if they do not appear within an approved study plan. Hence, first year students will not be able to register for an exam on Infostud which is not planned for the first semester of the first year (= core courses, mandatory for all students) and before having submitted the study plan and received the approval.


All study plans need to be checked and then approved by the Study Plan Referent.


Are you a student previously enrolled in some other faculty, department or degree course?

In this case, you should choose the “Personal Curriculum”. It is highly recommended to define a study plan’s draft (not to be submitted online) and come to visit the secretary office, bringing with you all the documents about your previous exams/courses. In this case the study plan will be arranged together with the Referent, who is in charge of checking possible overlapping with your previous knowledge and exams you chose for the study plan.



1- First year student must always insert their motivations (in the section “Note”) about the choices of the “free choice” courses.

2- Second year students who will modify their study plan must always insert (in the section “Note”) both the exam they want to replace and the exam they want to choose as replacement and provide the motivations for the change.


If motivations are missing, the study plan will be automatically rejected.


FINAL NOTE: the Referent Professor for the Study Plans of the Academic Year 2016/2017 is Professor Daniele Nardi.

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