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Final exam - Master's thesis


Master?s Thesis and Final Examination 

The final examination, which consists of the Master?s thesis and its oral defense,  contributes 30 credit points to the overall course of study.A master's thesis embodies original work by the candidate, conducted under the supervision of a member of the Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics. The thesis offers a possibility for the student to demonstrate their knowledge and their ability to deepen and apply that knowledge independently in a specific context.  


The Final Grade is calculated as a sum of the following elements:

  • Weighted average of the exam results obtained during the Master?s degree (Normalized in 110)
  • Increase of 0 to 2 points based on the study success (1 point for having at least 3 exam results ?with honours? and 1 point if the Master?s degree is attained in 2 academic years.  
  • Grade from the Master?s Thesis - 3 to 8 points.

To Graduate with honours a sum total of 113 points is needed.



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