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Elective Courses


The study plan of the second year of the Master in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics includes a 12 credits specialization course, namely Elective Course. Elective courses and their coordinators for the academic year 2014/2015 are the following:

The courses are divided in 4 sections. All the sections correspond to 3 credits and are held in one semester (please note that different sections can be held in different semesters).  The students must do the exams for all the sections, and for each section, the instructions given in the website must be followed.  

The registration of the exam is done by the coordinator of the course once the student has completed all the four sections; the final grade depends on the grades obtained in the various sections.  See the web link of each course to see the detailed description of the specific sections.

The student must choose the Elective course based on their study plan. The student, according to their personal interest, can select one or two sections from another Elective course. For example, a student who has chosen the "Elective in Roboticis" course can replace one or two of the sections with one or to sections from the "Elective in Artificial Intelligence" Course. The student may also take some sections from Elective Courses of the MSE in Computer Science. The student may consult the coordinator of each course for recommendation. 

Each student who wants to follow the course, must contact the coordinator of the course specifying the sections they wish to attend to (unless different specified by the coordinator of the course).  

For more information, please refer to the website of each Elective course. 


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